Definition of the Project:


The Morning school is a service performed jointly by Fundacion por la Justicia and Colegio Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados, which runs from 8:00AM to 9:30AM and provides care for children in primary and secondary education (between 4 and 12 years old) who live at risk of social exclusion because of the violent environment in which the neighborhood of Nazareth is located in Valencia.

The objective of this project is to provide basic morning feeding for children as they cannot receive this in their own homes either because families do not have the financial means or because they cannot devote enough attention to the children. This program also takes into account issues such as the fact that the neighborhood if Nazaret is not connected with the rest of the city and that more than 50% of the recipients are children who come from unstructured families. Within the program, the children are in charge to monitor the other children and there are two volunteers who complement the education work before the school day.

During the Morning School children are provided with breakfast, lunch and a bathroom. In addition, recreational and sport activities related to the culture of peace are developed.

Thus, the objective of this proposal is to add quality to the services provided based on 5 main goals:

  1. Improve the performance of the children in school due to a balanced morning meal
  2. Through art-education, children are exposed to values of a culture of peace and meditation practices for conflict resolution
  3. Team values and respect for rules will be taught through the sports and recreational activities
  4. Provide the recipients with weekly psychological care
  5. Make daily visits to the homes of children who are absent from school for more than two consecutive days to verify the reason for the absence. This also allows a closer approach to the family context.


Daily Schedule


All activities are held from Monday to Friday from 8-9:30 and are distributed as follows:

  • Provide a balanced breakfast consisting of juices, milk, cereals, pastries and yogurts.
  • Provide a balanced school lunch consisting of cheese sandwich and sausage, juice and fruit.
  • Incorporate daily hygiene habits such as brushing teeth and hands after eating and cleaning up after playing sports.
  • Make a home visit to the children who are absent from school for more than two consecutive days to verify the reasons for the absence.
  • To practice sports to improve the physical and mental health of the reciepients and promote group integration, discipline, stimulate empathy and break with the cultureal barriers present in their environment.
  • Workshops of artistic expression that allow: to progress their motor skills when using materials, tools and diverse resources such as pencils, scissors, brushes, crayons, and puppets among others. Express their feelings and emotions and learn to control them from positive action. Develop perceptual skills as a result of what they observe, hear, feel, dance and express while they are painting, singing, dancing, dramatizing or through drawing, music, dance or theater.


Beneficiary Groups


Direct beneficiaries: 75 people, 25 students and their parents. The beneficiaries present affective needs, lack of hygiene and lack of food. Those responsible for the children do not have the means to meet their morning needs.

Indirect beneficiaries: approximately 250 people who include teachers of the school who have so far been carrying out the activity of caring for these children from 8-9:30AM on a voluntary basis. The classmates of these children and the rest of the family of the beneficiary families.